Duracraft Mosquito and Insect Trap Killer1 (White)

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Duracraft mosquito trap : It was designed using fluorescent light bulbs emit UV Black light to violet light in the wavelength range 360-380 nm, which attracts mosquitoes as well. Use both daytime and nighttime. And not harmful to the eyes from UV light to generate heat. And ultra-violet radiation reaching the titanium dioxide (TiO2), which impregnated the lamp. The carbon dioxide (CO2) up. The carbon dioxide formed by this process coincided with the birth of the human breath. It is not harmful to the human body. UV light to help kill the germs that come with mosquito and gives the air of a room equipped with clean up.

• Lure mosquitoes with UV Black light bulbs does not harm the eyes.
• UV Black light bulb lifetime up to 3000 hours.
• Wind up to 1480 rev / min can be a great sucking mosquitoes.
• The second floor grating to prevent mosquito trap mosquitoes out of the machine.
• The device is made from plastic Polypropylene are resistant to heat stable toughness shock well.
• Removable and easy assembly without the need for accessories.
• The system of safe odorless chemical.
• Light Weight and can be used free-standing or hanging.
• Handle for easy mobility.
• Usable area of 100 sqm.• Use both the inside - out.
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